About Us

Medical Waste is something most people never think about, it never crosses their minds.

When people go to the doctor’s office to get a flu shot or to get stitches on a cut they never think about what happens to the trash. The trash that has their blood on it, the trash that has their DNA on it, the trash that has hepatitis on it. That is why we have strict laws and rules for the disposal of medical waste. I am Chad Clifton the owner of Green Country Medical Waste LLC.

“Our Customers love us! We have saved facilities thousands of dollars all across the state of Oklahoma.”

One of my best friends is a Doctor here in Coweta, Oklahoma and we were talking one night about business in general and he spoke about his concern with medical waste. He was using the big out of state company and did not feel like he was getting treated as good as he felt like he should. Paying thousands of dollars for service, having to deal with rude staff when he had questions or concerns. So he told me I should look into this business for the state of Oklahoma. And I did talk about a lot of red tape and research that went into a new startup. I did research for 2 full years before I picked up my first customer. We ran the business slowly to make sure we weren’t getting in over our heads. In the first two years we only had something like 50 customers and just kind of let it grow on its own for a few years. Now we are actively selling new accounts and getting into new areas of the state each day. I never wanted to start out in debt. I am proud to say we have zero debt on this business and the business is standing on its own feet. Now we are a strong medical waste company that can handle any size customer. We are the most reviewed medical waste company in the state with all 5-star reviews! 

Our Customers love us! We have saved facilities thousands of dollars all across the state of Oklahoma. One thing that makes Green Country Medical Waste different from all the other medical waste companies that service Oklahoma is that we truly give you personal service. When you call you get to talk to the person that sold you the service. That person knows all about your needs and concerns as a facility. With us, customer satisfaction is our number one goal, without customer satisfaction we become just another average medical waste company. We take a lot of pride in the way we treat our customers. We went paperless a few years ago and it has made it easier for our customers to access their documents of destruction and all their documents involved in the removal of medical waste. The customer receives an email as soon as the driver picks up the waste and then again when the waste is destroyed. At any time the customer can log in to their account and access all the past manifest, documents of destructions, payment history and more.

A nursing home facility called and requested a quote, as I was talking with her she was explaining the service that she currently had and she told me the pricing of her service and asked if we do anything to help.

With some federal and state budget cuts they were struggling and was going to have to lay some workers off. That would leave them overworked and short-staffed. After I looked at all the details and designed a more efficient waste stream plan for her facility we were able to save her $54,000 a year! She did not lay anyone off! She was able to continue to give her customers the same great care her facility was known for. When she received my recommendations with the quote she called me and was crying when she told me that everyone got to keep their jobs. That is why we are so passionate about helping our customers. We are born and raised in Oklahoma and when we can help a local company cut some costs and save a few jobs here and there the entire state benefits from that. That is why we believe it is so important to trade locally. Every dollar we keep in the state helps our state’s economy.

Green Country Medical Waste can offer several different incentives for new customers depending on your needs at the facility. We can offer free sharps containers for the first year of service, Free OSHA training, Free paper shredding for the first 6 months of service, or 10% rebate of services paid the first year. We can custom build an incentive program that meets your needs.

Check out our website! Greencountrymedicalwaste.com While you’re there check out our wonderful customer reviews and testimonials. Once you are signed up you can explore all the OSHA training we have to offer along with the safety audits you can apply if you choose. Need an MSDS? We have a huge data bank of MSDS you can easily access our website. If you are not a customer yet you can get a quote fast and easy.  

I think you will love to work with us. Your first experience with us should be an eye-opener for you. You should feel like you are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism you deserve. We work hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.