Green Country Medical Waste has been serving Oklahoma since 2009 and our customers love us!

We offer a lot more than the other companies without adding to the cost of service. Our basic service we offer is your basic Regulated Medical Waste Removal Service, where we supply you a medical waste box and a red bag liner. You take the liner and install it in the box and when you generate medical waste you place it in the box. From sharps containers to wound dressings, everything that is regulated medical waste goes in the box. Every 4 weeks you will tie the red bag in a single knot and close the lid of the box. We come by and pick the box up and replace it with a new box and red bag liner. We have different frequencies of pickups to meet your facility’s needs.   

“You just log in and print the manifest off. You will not lose any paper work again. It is that easy.”

We have 24 gallon boxes, 28 gallon totes and 96 gallon totes at this time and are always adding to our supply. We also do most pharmaceutical waste as well. We can handle the hazardous pharmaceutical as well through a third party.   

We are paperless. We use a program that tracks the boxes and when we make a pickup the customer signs the manifest on a smart phone it then sends an email to the customers email on file and to our office of the manifest and then when the box is destroyed it sends a document of destruction to the customer. With this program the customer has online access to retrieve all the documents that are generated. Say you have an audit coming and you can not find one of your manifest for last July. You just log in and print the manifest off. You will not lose any paper work again. It is that easy.

We also offer a sharps container program where we provide all the sharps containers that your facility can use. This works great for small to medium size facilities so they do not have to worry about ordering or ever running out of sharps containers. 

Our On-Line training program is a very comprehensive tool you can have access to as well. It can do all your facilities employee training like: 

  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Schools 
  • DOT Regulated Medical Waste 
  • Electrical Safety 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Fire Safety 
  • Hand Hygiene for Healthcare 
  • Hazcom 
  • HIPPA, HITECH, and Omnibus 
  • Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse  
  • Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention 
  • Sharps Safety 
  • Workplace Violence Prevention. 

You can upload company policies and assign employees to review and complete for your records.

You can actually do a self-audit of your facility with this program to keep yourself in check and make sure you are in compliance. By law, each facility should have an MSDS file of everything in the facility. We make it easy, just log in to this program and request all the MSDS files you need and you can keep them in a file so you are compliant.  

This program has so much more to offer and if you chose to implement all the resources the program has to offer I believe it would be a great tool to help keep your facility organized and help keep the facility compliant with local, state and federal laws.
If you ask yourself why you should use our service I would have to say there are several reasons.

We are the most reviewed medical waste company in Oklahoma. One thing our customers love about us is that we charge by the box\tote. We do not have service fees or fuel charges or record fee or fees just because, like all the other companies have.
But I think the best reason to use us over other companies is that your business means the world to me and I will treat you like your the biggest customer we have.
We are in all parts of the state just about every week. We have the ability to service a small tattoo shop along with the big hospital across the state. We can also service a multi-state facility. We have clients that own facilities in several states and we are able to service them all with in our network with no problems at all.  

Tattoo shops have seemed to have popped up everywhere lately, and we have several all over Oklahoma along with Veterinary clinics. Funeral homes is another business that we also serve. We have a few hospitals along with clinics that they own. We service Tribal property too. The Oklahoma Indian Tribes have really stepped up for the safety of their nation.
Dentist offices are low generators and although we do not offer a will call service we do have a 12 week pick up service and this allows the low generators like the Dentist offices to keep their facility clean without spending unnecessary money on a 4 week service plan.

Nursing facilities are what we consider medium generators, and it seems they working with the tights budgets of all medical facilities.

We love going into a nursing facility and doing a waste stream assessment. With this we can build a plan that best suits the facility and their budget. We went into a rural nursing home and did the waste assessment and when I presented our plan and showed them that we could save them $54,000 in the first year the administrator started crying and told me that she was going to have to lay some people off because of some state budget cuts and now she will be able to keep them. I was so proud of the fact that I not only was able to save them money but because I was able to save them that much money some Lady, someones Mom, someones wife out there was able to keep their job. I added this little story just to let whoever is reading this is that Oklahoma has options now on their medical waste and their best option is to use a company that is owned by a guy that was born and raised in Oklahoma and feels the same as most of the other business owners in Oklahoma, and that is to support Oklahoma businesses whenever possible.