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Green Country Medical Waste has been searching for answers for the most common questions that facilities ask. They search for Green Country Medical Waste to find what has to be in the red bag. What cannot be in the red bag. They want to know about medication waste. Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa has call OSHA and talked to several people to see if we can get some answers. They are like the DEQ or the Health Dept.

They will not give you a definite answer. Green Country Medical Waste will keep trying to get the answers that our customers are in need of. Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa can however recommend what goes in the red containers and what does not go in the red containers.
Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa recommends that you put anything that has bodily fluids on it. And of course, the needles have to be placed in an approved (un3291) sharps container. Then that sharps container can be placed in the red bio container for removal.

What we see most in the containers are soiled adult diapers, anything that has blood on it. Exam gloves are in most every box. Bed sheets can be washed so no need for them to be in the red bag. Urine samples Are usually drained in the toilet then the sample container is put in the red bag\biohazard box. Glass tubes like what is used to draw blood or any glass culture specimen container that has a potential of breaking and causing a risk of puncturing the container and then potentially causing an accidental poke to a person.

Those items should go in a sharpes container as well. Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa Also recommends that you keep a red biohazard trash can in each room lined with a small red biohazard bag to collect any medical waste that you may produce in that room. Then that bag is tied with a single knot and then placed in the red biohazard container that is provided by Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa. Just remember that you cannot compress Regulated Medical Waste.

So, you cannot step or push down on the waste to get more in the container. It is against the law. Not my law but federal law. The designated place to have to storage the biohazard waste containers provided by Green Country Medical Waste needs to be under lock and key, secure and dry. If rain or water from any source get on the containers and soaks through the water itself is now regulated medical waste and can get very expensive to clean up. So, protect the biohazard waste so it will be safe for you and your staff.

This content was written for Green Country Medical Waste.

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