We are Green Country Medical Waste! We are a Privately owned company that takes care of your medical waste for you like other medical waste companies Oklahoma. We have served many facilities like doctors, clinics, small hospitals, big hospitals and even pharmaceuticals! We supply you guys a medical waste box and a red bag liner. You guys fill it up. Anything that is medically wasteful like flu shots, needles, gauzes, wraps, cotton balls, swabs, etc. YOU NAME IT! You dispose of their waste, and after 4 weeks we dispose of your waste for you! We keep it simple, short and neat.

Unlike other medical waste companies Oklahoma, We try to keep everything and all things simple. We are fast and quick to respond and have great pricing. We even have a program that files all documents including customer service documents and our documents. You log in and print your manifest off when you need it. In this way, we won’t lose paperwork easily and we are able to access our document information more than once and efficiently. This way, we are able to stay compliant with the law and our customers are able to quickly access their own documents. No more having to lose important physical documents on paper.

Not many medical waste companies Oklahoma are as flexible as we are. We are able to work with your schedule and able to work with what your facility specifically needs. Our first time customers, we are able to offer Specific objectives that work with your facility. We are able to offer up to 10% a rebate on the services you paid for or incentives like 6 months of free shedding of physical paper documents. Depending on what your facility or company needs. We are able to work with you. You let us know what you need, and we try our best to fulfill and deliver those needs.

Our program also offers training for your facility employees. In this way, your company is in compliance with the law and all employees and healthcare workers are able to stay compliant as well. We offer a program that teaches about sharps in hospitals and schools, biohazards, OSHA training, HIPAA training, safety and electricity protocols, and more. We make sure to cover all categories that will make all your health care workers compliant with the state and federal law.

We are a 5-star review medical waste company and appreciate each and every single one of our customers. We are proud to say that we have many customers that love us and have given us a chance to be the company that we are to this day . Very first two years, we started off as business really slow. We only had about 50 customers. But slowly and surely, with the love of our customers, we were able to grow and multiply. We are a strong medical waste company with zero debt. We are appreciative of each and every single Individual that is our customers.

If you’re interested in choosing us for one of our services, then please do not hesitate to call us at (918) 279-6855 or feel free to visit our website at https://anewimageok.com/ .

Medical Waste Companies Oklahoma | Affordable & Flexible

Green Country Medical Waste is a privately owned company out of all medical waste companies Oklahoma . We had started this company because of the many requests of how inefficient medical waste was being thrown out. We had wanted to find a more inefficient way that was kind, quick to respond and was affordable. After two years of research, we are proud to say that we take pride in 100% customer satisfaction that we truly believe in. We are flexible and offer as many incentives as we can to be able to equip our customers with what they need.

The founder of Green Country Medical Waste is a fellow man named Chad Clifton. One of his great friends was a doctor and one of his concerns was medical waste. Because medical waste has DNA, blood, and diseases, he felt like there should be a better way to throw out medical waste. It wasn’t being put away correctly in medical waste companies Oklahoma . After two years of research Chad Clifton was able to open up a medical facility to throw away medical waste that was the answer to many people’s prayers . Chad needed to slowly start his business because he was afraid of debt in business. But thank you to all of you who have entrusted us in being a part of your facilities’ monthly routine, we are able to be where we are to this day. A strong standing company with much love.

Unlike other medical waste companies Oklahoma, we throw away your waste in compliance with the State, federal law, and the HIPAA act. We make sure that all documents or information that are needed to stay confidential, stay confidential. Our program also allows easy access to any documents if customers need access to . There are many times where we may need physical documents that may need to be seen twice or even a couple of times. So that is why our program is great because you are able to view a document more than once and it’s quickly on hand! It’s quick, fast and confidential!

If you are a small business or small facility that needs a medical waste facility to come and pick up your medical waste every 4 weeks, then choose us. We are fast, quick, easy, and flexible with each and every one of our customers. Remember we are also offering different types of special incentives if you are needing any as a first customer. We have helped thousands of facilities save thousands of dollars with our program and with our services so if you are interested please do visit our website for more information on how you can access your client portal and what to do to start with us at https://anewimageok.com/ . On our website, it will talk more about our services and testimonials of real customers’ experiences with us. If you are already a customer with us, please do leave a testimonial on our website as well. Please feel free to call us at (918) 279-6855 for any questions and concerns . We will be more than happy to assist you.