Medical waste companies Oklahoma are waste companies that take care of your own medical waste! If you are a clinic, hospital, Or a nursing home, And you’re looking for an affordable price and an easy company to dispose of your waste, we can do that for you. We have helped many companies all over Oklahoma save thousands and thousands of dollars with our program and with our basic service. All of our customers love us and have only great experiences with us. We are one of the most braided companies in Oklahoma and proud to say we have five stars! We even have video testimonies on our website! If you like what you have read so far, We will be more than happy to have you as our customer! In fact, we are offering our first-timers with us your first month free with no hidden fees! Contact us now!

Out of medical waste companies Oklahoma, we are different from other companies because we do not overcharge on each service and have additional service fees on top. Green Country Medical Waste Charges by the bag / tote that you are needing for your facility. And we do not charge on service fees or even on record fees. Depending on what your facility is needing, we are able to offer you 24 gallon boxes, 28 gallon totes and 96 gallon totes at your needs. We are even able to handle the hazardous pharmaceutical waste as well. We will do so by a third party.

As a company we are able to offer many customizable incentives that can benefit your facility. Unlike most medical waste companies Oklahoma, on top of Your first free month with us, Green Country Medical Waste Is able to offer a sharps containers program where we provide all the sharp containers that your facility can use. We also offer online training with comprehensive tools that your health care workers and you have access to. We are fully compliant with Our local state and federal laws and regulations and we hope to also have you compliant with your laws and regulations as well! We train your employees about blood-borne pathogens for healthcare and in schools, on medical waste, electrical safety, fire safety, and Sharps safety. We also trained on a HIPAA, OSHA, Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse, sexual harassment prevention and also workplace violence prevention. For more information on the categories that we train, please do visit our website.

We understand that many medical facilities are on a tight budget. So that is why we want to be able to offer affordable prices no matter how big the customer is. You are Our greatest and top priority! We once helped a nursing facility save $54,000 in their first year! We hope that we are able to get the opportunity to help you save just as much or even more in your facility! We hope that we have interested you and our services and our program that we offer. Please do not hesitate to call us at (918) 279-6855 Or visit our website for testimonies, information on our services, etc. at .

Medical Waste Companies Oklahoma | Why You Should Choose Us

Green Country Medical Waste is one of the top most rated medical waste companies Oklahoma and still remains with an outstanding five star rating to this day! We focus greatly on 100% customer satisfaction and making sure no matter how big the customer size is, you are our first and top priority! We are also able to offer All customizable incentives that are made specifically for your facility Or even online training for your health care workers To stay compliant with all laws and regulations in your area. For our first timer customers, we are able to offer you your first month free with us ! We want to make sure your experience with us is fast, easy, and quick.

Our online training program has all sorts of comprehensive tools that both you and your health care workers have access to. Most medical waste companies Oklahoma aren’t trained directly on blood-borne pathogens both in healthcare and schools, basic fire, electricity, and sharp safety along with personal protective equipment and categories like HIPAA and OSHA. If your workers are not compliant just yet or maybe you are compliant but your certification is going to expire soon, you can always use our program to renew your OSHA/ HIPAA certification. We also train your employees on basic hand hygiene to stop the spread of germs in your work facility.

Why should you choose us? Out of all of the medical waste companies Oklahoma,we are not only one of the most top rated companies but we greatly emphasize On our customers being our greatest priority and mean a lot to us! We treat each and every single one of our customers like you are our biggest customer that we have had. We are in all parts of the state about every week and also serve a multi-state facility. We have many clients that have multiple facilities in several different states and we are able to serve them all with our service with no issue! We not only serve for medical facilities only, but we also serve for funeral homes, tattoo shops, and tribal property as well!

Like mentioned above, we are able to offer many different types of incentives that will benefit your company or facility the best. They’re completely customizable and can specify your company. We can offer free sharp containers for the first year of service, free OSHA training, free paper shredding for the first six months of service, or even a 10% rebate of services paid for the previous year. We are buildable and flexible! We work really hard to make sure that the transitions that you make are as smooth as possible.

If you are interested in the services or programs that are mentioned before, please do not hesitate to call us at (918) 279-6855. If you are looking for more information on our services or on what our program offers, please feel free to visit our website at .