Green Country Medical Waste Is a privately owned company out of the medical waste companies Oklahoma. We are a facility that is quick to respond and picks up medical waste efficiently From nursing homes, hospitals, Clinics, and more! We are fully compliant with Oklahoma State, Federal, and local laws and regulations. We take Pride in our customer service and making sure our customers are 100% satisfied! We hope that you Can give us an opportunity to Make a difference in your facility.

Like most medical waste companies Oklahoma, the basic services we offer are providing you with a medical waste box and a red bag liner. You fill up the box and every 4 weeks you tie the knot and close the lid on the box. We come and pick up and replace the medical waste box for you. We have helped and served many other companies across all of Oklahoma since 2009. We are proud to say that we are a 5-star rating company! Our customers love us and we have true testimonies with real experiences with us located on our website.

We also have a program that is able to benefit in multiple ways for you. Our program offers a sharp containers program where we provide all the sharp containers that your facility will need to use. Our program also provides online training with great tools to help keep all of your employees and/ or healthcare workers to stay compliant with federal, state, local laws and regulations. Unlike other medical waste companies Oklahoma, we provide training on bloodborne pathogens in healthcare/schools, electrical and fire safety, ergonomics, hand hygiene, HIPAA, sharp safety, workplace violence prevention, and more!

Up to this point, I hope that we have grabbed your attention. Are you now curious about our service charges and fees? Charge by the box / tote. We do not have any service fees or gas/ fuel charges like any other companies. Other companies have expensive extra fees on top of their service. But we only charge by the Box tote that you desire and we do not charge for any record fees! We want to make it easy for you, And hope that you give us the opportunity to do so! We would like to treat you as the biggest customer we have and give you the benefits of whatever your facility will need. We offer many different customizable incentives that will work depending on your facility. Whether you are needing sharp containers or you are needing 6 months of free shredding on documents, We are able to offer that for you. Our incentive packages are completely and entirely customizable!

We hope that we have interested you. We are one of the most reviewed Medical waste companies in Oklahoma. For more information, please do visit our website at or please do not hesitate to call us at (918) 279-6855. We will be more than happy to assist you In any way, form, or shape that we can! Please do not forget to look at our testimonials also located on our website!

Medical Waste Companies Oklahoma | Most Reviewed Company In Oklahoma

Are you a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or a pharmaceutical facility that is looking for a fast and a flexible facility that is able to take care of your medical waste properly? Out of the medical waste companies Oklahoma , choose Green Country Medical Waste. We have been serving All kinds of facilities all over Oklahoma for more than 12 years. We have been serving since 2009 and our customers love us! We can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We stay absolutely compliant with federal, local, and state laws and regulations and we help you also stay compliant. Give us an opportunity to make a difference in your Medical facility!

The owner of Green Country Medical Waste Is Chad Clifton. Clifton left and wanted to find a solution to all medical facilities to be able to properly Throw out medical waste. Throwing out medical waste and being compliant with laws and regulations is more important to him because medical waste has DNA, patient history, and may even contain diseases. Instead of finding the solution, he decided to become the solution to medical waste companies Oklahoma . Chad started up the business in 2009. He was quite hesitant to rush anything in the beginning because he did not want any debt on the business. The first two years were slow and we only had about 50 customers. Although the number was small, We wanted to make sure each and every customer is more than satisfied with their experience with us. Slowly but surely, we were able to grow and multiply in numbers due to our high belief of customer service!

Medical waste companies Oklahoma are only companies that take care of your medical waste. But we offer sharp containers for any facilities that may need it. We even have a program that is able to train all of your facility workers or healthcare workers to be compliant with State, local, federal laws in your location . We hope that we can also help you be compliant. And in our program, you can also upload company policies and assign different employees on your records or documents. We have worked on our website to fully satisfy all of our customers’ needs and it is designed to Have all the useful tools that any client will need.

In our program, we train all of your facility workers and/ or healthcare workers On blood-borne pathogens both in healthcare and in schools, electrical, Fire, and Sharps the safety and protocols. We also going in to depths of Medicare fraud cut my waist, and abuse along with HIPPA, sexual harassment prevention, and workplace Violence prevention. We make sure that your workers have a knowledge in regulated medical waste, ergonomics, hand hygiene, personal protective equipment oh, and Hazcom. Our Workers are highly trained and have great knowledge in the training listed above and we would like to be able to train and make your workers knowledgeable in this department as well. In this way you guys may be compliant as well!

If you would like to take advantage of our amazing program or You’re interested in our services of Taking out medical waste, then please do visit our website at Or give us a call at (918) 279-6855. We will be more than glad to assist you.