The last thing that any facility is thinking of is Of their waste Or even out to dispose of their own waste. Green Country Medical Cannabis Is a privately owned Company that is based in Coweta, Oklahoma. Out of the medical waste companies Oklahoma, We have served for more than 12 years, starting since 2009 . We keep that part of your business out of sight and mind! We are one of the most highly reviewed companies in all of Oklahoma. We take price in the services that we provide and also with the program that we offer. We are proud to say that our program has successfully kept many facilities state-wide, compliant with their local laws and regulations in their areas. And we hope that we have the opportunity to be able to help you and your facility in any way!

Green Country Medical Cannabis supplies you a medical box and a red liner bag for you. We come and check up on you every 4 weeks to see if your medical box is filled up. Like most medical waste companies Oklahoma, once full, we dispose of your medical waste for you both efficiently and properly. Some facilities, like dentist facilities, do not need the check-up every 4 weeks. So we have set up 12 week pick up services for them as well. Whatever your facility is needing, we are able to be flexible and be more than happy to work with you .

Our program offers online training covering many categories and different types of topics. If you or some of your healthcare workers are not OSHA certified, or your OSHA certification has expired, do not fret. We also offer OSHA compliant training To keep you and others stay up to date. Out of medical waste Companies Oklahoma, Green country medical waste has helped many facilities statewide save thousands and thousands of dollars. Most clients have multiple facilities out of state and we are able to network with them with no challenge ! We serve our services to medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or nursing facilities and even pharmaceutical facilities. We also serve services for funeral homes, tribal properties, tattoo shops, and dentist offices as well. Whatever that your facility is needing, we are able to formulate a certain week service plan for you!

We have helped too many different types of facilities but one of our favorites are nursing facilities. They are Our medium generators. We understand that most medical facilities are always on a tight budget so we want to offer you and your healthcare workers, plenty or not, that can work out for you and your facility. We want to help a nursing facility save about $54,000 in their first year and their administrator was
Overfilled with joyful tears. We are more than happy to help and assist you to save just as much or even more for your facility!

If you’re interested in saving a pretty penny for your facility or using our program or even just getting services to pick up your medical waste, please visit our website for more information at or please call us at (918) 279-6855. We will be more than happy to assist you on setting up your first month with us for free!

Medical Waste Companies Oklahoma | Who is Green Country Medical Waste

Chad Clifton is the owner ofMedical Waste Companies Oklahoma. Our facility is located in Coweta, Oklahoma. We wanted to provide services at affordable prices for both big and small medical facilities! Our mission is to take care of your medical waste and dispose of it for you properly and efficiently. Chad Clifton and had done research for about 2 years before he had his first customer. In the first two years, we only had about 50 customers. Because of our customers and our great customer service, we are proud to say that we are one of the most highly rated or reviewed companies in Oklahoma and stands at five stars!

All of our customers love us! Green Country Medical Waste saved many facilities and saved thousands of dollars all across the state of Oklahoma . What makes us different? We truly only give personal Medical Waste Companies Oklahoma customer service. No matter how big the customers’ order is, we make sure you are our first and top priority! We take great pride and how we treat our customers . We believe that without our great customer satisfaction, we would become just like any other average company. This is why we keep our customers goals and need our number one goal.

Green Country Medical Waste went paperless about a couple of years ago and it has satisfied our Medical Waste Companies Oklahoma customers because they are now able to access and destruct documents as needed. You no longer have to worry about losing your physical documents ever again. All you have to do is log into your account and you are able to access any documents, print any documents or manifests, or destroy any documents with no extra hidden fees.

We also offer a program that has online training that makes your health care workers stay compliant with your local laws and regulations. We offer OSHA / HIPAA training along with Personal protective equipment, and cover so much more! All OSHA training in our program is all up-to-date and compliant with the state and federal laws as well. You will not have to worry about going to any other website or wait in line anymore when our program takes you straight to the certification process. This will save time and become more efficient in your facility In the long run.

We hope that our services and our program will be able to be the solution to your facilities needs. You can always contact us on our website at . Once you click on our contact us tab, it will ask for a name, title, email and best time to call at the phone number given. We will also ask if your facility has multiple locations and the frequency of pick up needed. On there, you’re also able to add any comments, questions, or concerns that we’re able to assist you with. You can also find more information on our services tab! If you are interested, please do not hesitate to give us a call at our number (918) 279-6855.