Like most medical waste companies Oklahoma, We are a company that offers medical waste removal. We simply Supply you with a box and a red liner that goes into the medical waste box. And a waste box even throws sharp containers, wound dressings, indicating that medical waste goes into the box. Every four weeks, you tie the knot on the bag and we come, pick up, and replace you with a new box and red bag liner.It is as simple as that. We have provided services to many hospitals and also pharmaceutical places as well. We make it as simple and easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Unlike other medical waste companies Oklahoma, small or medium-sized facilities have to worry about running out of Sharps Containers.Our facility is able to train all of your facilities employees as well. Some topics our program would cover would be bloodborne pathogens for healthcare, for schools, DOT regulated medical waste, electrical safety, ergonomics, fire safety, hand hygiene, Medicare fraud, PPE, Sexual harassment prevention, sharps safety, and workplace violence prevention. All of these topics are brief and also go into depth to protect both patients, customers, and all healthcare workers. Safety is always number one.

Compared to most medical waste companies Oklahoma, we have many gallon boxes at this time and we are always ready to supply those who are in need. We are also able to handle hazardous pharmaceutical items as well. We also have a program on how to keep track of the customers. When they do sign the manifest and when the box is destroyed, it will send a document or destruction to the customer. In this way, the customer will always have online access to all the documents that are being generated. Using our program, you will not lose any physical paperwork again because everything is digital and easy to access.

With our program, you can actually also do a self audit just to make sure that your facility is also in compliance with the law. All you need to do is Login to this program and request all the MSDS files that you will be needing and keep them in a file so that you are compliant. The program is quick, easy, and efficient. We want to provide quick and easy services and also a program that is easy for anyone and everyone to use

One of our medium generators will be our nursing facilities. Nursing facilities are always on tight budgets. If this is also you, we can always come up with a budget plan that would best suit the facility and also your budget. We Can be as flexible as our customers need. We appreciate each and every individual of our customers who have worked with us since the beginning. We want all workflow to be fast, efficient and easy.

If you were interested in using some of our services please do contact us at (918) 279-6855 or feel free to visit our website for more information at .

Medical Waste Companies Oklahoma | Fast & Easy

We are Green Country Medical Waste. We are a facility that provides access for hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical places to send their medical waste to us and we take care of it for you like most medical waste companies Oklahoma. Ever wonder after getting the flu shot, stitches, Or after you get fixed up after a cut, it goes straight into the trash. After the trash, it is our duty to take care of the rest. We provide you with a box and bag, and all you have to do is fill it up. After every 4 weeks, we come and pick them up. All of our documents are digital and online so that they are easily accessed to anyone who needs them. No more losing physical papers.

Chad Clifton is the owner of Green Country Medical Waste. One of the many concerns that Chad Clifton had heard of was the concern with medical waste companies Oklahoma . Medical waste has DNA, blood, viruses, or even diseases on medical waste. It needs to be treated or taken care of differently than regular waste. A couple of years later, Chad Clifton had found his first customer. We had run the business slowly and only had 50 customers the first 2 years and after that it has grown and multiplied. Clinton had the solution to many doctors and Hospital facilities out there. As a medical waste facility, we are able to take care of any size of a customer. No customer or facility is too big for us!

Compared to most medical waste companies Oklahoma, we have many customers that love our services. We take pride in being a 5-star review company. We have helped plenty of facilities save thousands and thousands of dollars all across the state of Oklahoma. We will be more than happy to take care of the medical waste that you are trying to dispose of. We take a lot of pride in the way that we treat our customers and in our customer service. Not only customer service is a high belief of ours, but so is customer satisfaction. If we are able to take a load off of your shoulders, it takes a load off of ours!

Are you a new customer and interested in one of the many services that we provide? If so, lucky for you. We are offering several different free incentives for new customers depending on what you need at your own facility. We are able to offer Free sharp containers for the first year of service, free OSHA training, Free paper shredding for the first 6 months or even 10% rebate of services that were paid the first year.

We are not like any other company where it is their way or the highway. We are a flexible company that can custom build any incentive program that will meet your needs and your facility needs. If you’re interested in our services please do give us a call at (918) 279-6855 Or please do visit us at our website for more information at