There is a reason why some way different facilities and organizations trust us for their Medical Waste OKC. A large reason to our success across the state is because of our competitive and effective prices. What sets us apart is that we charge only on the bags or to and do not charge for travel or fuel prices. This means that whenever we are going to pick up your bags will only charge based on the bag and will not charge for any additional fees such as the resources that are used to come pick up from your facility. We also give customized options to give you different bag sizes that way you are not stuck using a 24 gallon bag whenever you are in need of a 96 gallon bag and you can pay for less pickups that way you can use more money to help serve your facility.

We help facilities deal with their Medical Waste OKC by offering a first month free with no hidden fees. We are so confident in our ability to be able to help you in your facility with disposal waste as well as training that we offer the first month free. This gives you a good opportunity to try us out see why so many other companies recommend us and keep coming back. At Green Country Medical Waste LLC we are dedicated to serving the various facilities and communities of Oklahoma by giving proper and effective medical disposal waste. We are a privately owned company in Coweta Oklahoma which further shows our dedication to making our great state even more safe especially in our medical field. This is why we take pride in making sure all customers are 100% satisfied with our services.

We have heard the scariest of Medical Waste OKC stories from various organizations and how they did not comply, adjust, or get a fair pricing to these facilities. We at Green Country Medical Waste LLC prioritize helping your facility as well as offering a clean service can help us as well. We have plenty of testimonials on our website we can hear stories of how we have saved different organizations and facilities thousands of dollars from their medical waste disposal.

We are also proud to offer different training programs that allow us to train your employees for new tools or services, or even to give a quick refresher to your employees on the correct ways of disposal and safety. Some of these training services include hand hygiene for healthcare’s, fire safety, personal protective equipment, ergonomics, and much more. We also provide a sharps waste box as well as training to how to deal with sharp safety and disposal effectively. We recommend using our training services whether your employees have been in the field for some time or just started. It’s always important to stay within the regulations of the local, state, and federal.

Come find out why we can help you and how it helped many other facilities grow and save money. Visit our website at or you can give us a call at (918) 279-6855.

Medical Waste OKC | Fully Compliant

We are proud to not only offer an effective and affordable Medical Waste OKC service, we also are proud to stay in compliance with our training programs to help your staff. These training programs are extremely comprehensive and an online tool that you will have full access to. These training tools are useful for training staff and new topics and tools, or even just as a refresher in order to keep everyone safe and in compliances. Our website at fully explains all the different topics and how we can teach. Some examples of these topics are hand hygiene for healthcare’s, blood-borne pathogens for healthcare, ergonomics, as well as sharps safety. We at Green Country Medical Waste LLC not only focus on the safety of medical disposal, we also focus on the betterment of all of our clients through teaching services and custom plans.

What sets us apart for dealing with Medical Waste OKC is that we are able to give custom programs and custom quotes based on your facility and the way it operates. We understand that not every facility organization has the same amount of waste or uses the same tools or teachings. That is why we can come in and give you a waste stream assessment which will measure various components of your facility. We will come in and measure the amount of waste as well as build a plan that can fit the best you facility as well as in your budget. It is our goal to serve the community of Oklahoma and Oklahoma city with to our clients. Our waste stream assessment can you very helpful especially for clients that need something different than our regular services.

Are basic service for Medical Waste OKC includes a medical waste box and a red liner that is 24 gallons. The way it works is you put all of your medical waste such as sharp containers or even wound dressings into the liner which is stored in the box. Whenever the liners is filled up we will come and get it and dispose of it effectively and then give you a replacement one that way you can keep on operating at the same speed. Depending on the amount of medical disposal you need we can adjust the amount of pickups or the bag size that you may need.

At Green Country Medical Waste LLC we are proud to be fully compliant in all the regulations of V and the local, state, or federal. That is why we have been around since 2009 and are the highest rated laws the most reviewed medical disposal company in Oklahoma. Please take time to read our views or even our testimonials counter website to see why so many recommend us.

We offer plenty of tools and explanations of our services on our website at or give us a call at (918) 279-6855. Our website includes not only what we do but also how we do it and how we are proud to do it.