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A little bit of safety planning will save thousands of dollars and maybe lives in the future. We have seen facilities store the biohazard outside in a storage building, and that is fine as long as it is accessible and weather tight. We have a facility that we have been working with for a while now, in their storage shed they keep the waste in the roof leaks and the floor is rotten. Every time we went to do a pike up the boxes were saturated with rainwater and was not safe for transport much less safe for employees or the environment.

We have done everything we can to get the facility to comply with safe handling procedures, but they are a bit stubborn. We switched them out from Cardboard boxes to plastic totes to help with the wetness until they get a new shed. Green Country Medical Waste is more than willing to work with each client to help when we can. Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa can process some medications but not all medications can be processed. Some are considered hazardous waste and will need a hazardous waste provider for them.

But the non-hazardous medication Green Country Medical Waste can dispose of with proper markings on the container. It adds to the cost of the box a little bit but not much. We have basically had 3 different medical waste containers. We have a twenty-four-gallon corrugated paper (cardboard) box and we have a 28-gallon plastic tote both have handles for safe handling we also have a 96 gal roll around cart. All three require a red bag liner. The red bag liner is where all the waste is put inside and then tied with a single knot to help prevent leakage if a tote or box gets turned over.

Each facility is required to have its own safety plan in place and that plan should spell out what needs to go in the regulated medical waste container and what cannot go in the regulated medical waste container. Hazardous waste cannot go in the regulated medical waste container. Pathological cannot go in the medical waste container like main torso arms and legs. Small pathological can go like fingers and eyeball stuff like that. I know that sounds bad, but this is the business that we are in.

Regular trash does not need to go in the regulated medical waste container unless it is from an isolation room, In an isolation room it is my understanding that all left over food and anything that cannot be disinfected and cleaned in a way for the virus not to spread in the facility. The safety of the residents in your facility is you top and utmost concern as it is ours. In the event you have to put someone in isolation we can bring out some extra supplies so you can handle the extra volume of waste. That is why we at Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa feels it is important to go with a local medical waste company so we can help take care of your facility and keep your facility waste free so when the state comes for an inspection you are not receiving a bunch of unwanted fines.

This content was written for Green Country Medical Waste.

Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa was founded, and we quickly realized that most local medical facilities feel the same way we do about local business. Office managers are amazed with how easy and friendly we are to work with, and we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers. We have 100% satisfaction, after all, our customers are also our neighbors in the great state of Oklahoma. We are in good standing with the state of Oklahoma and are fully compliant with federal, state and local regulations. Call us at 918-279-6855 or go online to

About Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa Green Country Medical Waste LLC is a private company based in Coweta, OK. We are the only locally owned Medical Waste company in the state. It is important for us to keep the money in the state. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and offer competitive pricing for each facility we service. We want you to see the difference between us and our competitors.

When Chad started Green Country Medical Waste LLC, he had a plan to make Medical Waste collection easy and affordable. ChadÍs best friend is a Dr. here in Coweta and he received lots of information and did 4 years of research before he started service for his first customer. Our pricing is very competitive, and our customers canÍt believe it when they receive a quote. We choose to be fair and maintain a great relationship with our customers.

WHO WE ARE Green Country Medical Waste offices a wide range of services to help medical practices stay up to date with all state and federal medical laws and practices. We work with our customers to customize and optimize the right plan, whether they just want local and affordable medical waste pickup or if the need access to training programs or even sensitive document shredding, Green Country Medical Waste LLC has a solution to fit the needs of every customer. SERVICES WE OFFER Medical Waste Pickup, secure document shredding, compliance training and much more. Since 1985, the online compliance portal has been a trusted resource to thousands of businesses for compliance information, audits and training, helping you manage your compliance needs with our one-stop compliance solution.

Green Country Medical Waste Tulsa offers a wide variety of online safety compliance training courses that help your facility manage risk and maintain OSHA compliance all through one convenient portal and easy to follow online training videos. Call or click today to get in compliance and stay in compliance. BBP, HIPAA, HAZCOM & ODOT TRAINING Complete your required Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA, Hazcom & DoT Training online in less than an hour. This interactive multimedia training program includes a Certificate of Completion as well as help from our trained staff. Click here to learn more or start your certified training today. MSDS/SDS Simplify your MSDS/SDS management.

Search, view, print, store and organize your Safety Data sheets for full OSHA/JCAHO compliance. Our Client Portal also gains you access to your billing. This allows you to review invoices as well as Pickup and delivery manifest from this location. Click here for more information or to start your training today! SAFETY PLAN Have you created your OSHA required safety plans? OSHA requires you to be prepared for an emergency by creating the following plans for your office. *Emergency Action Plan *Exposure Control Plan *Fire Prevention Plan * Hazard Communication Program In less than an hour, you can create a safer workplace and become OSHA compliant with our safety plan builder. You can us at 918-279-6855 or check us out online to