Dealing with medical waste is an extremely important service because not only does it keep our citizens safe and also benefits are our healthcare workers. If you are searching for the correct OKC Medical Waste service for you, you should definitely check out Green Country Medical Waste LLC. Green Country Medical Waste LLC is so confident instability to be able to serve you in the best way for the best price that we offer our first month free for any new clients. This first month free has no catches, no additives, and especially no hidden fees it is exactly as it is described 100% free. The reason why we offer this service because all of our clients that we have gained have always been so happy about our services they have given us the highest rated as well as the most reviewed medical waste disposal service in the state of Oklahoma. If you’d like to read more about us please visit our website at

We are proud to be the OKC Medical Waste provider for the whole entire state that best suits to our clients. We understand that depending on the facility at hand that the medical waste may be larger or smaller. This is why we always set up different plans that work the best for the client and make sure that they are getting the service that fits them the best while also being affordable to them. We do not believe in clients paying for a service that is too large or too small for them. We also believe that regardless of the client we would be able to help them with their services. This is a part of our waste stream assessment which allows us to create a plan that would fit the best for the facility based on the budget/amount of medical waste that comes out of their based on a weekly or monthly basis.

One of our greatest stories of a OKC Medical Waste situation comes from a nursing home in a rural part of Oklahoma that was paying too much money for their medical waste disposal. The fees that they are paying in the service they were getting provided because of that did not match their company at all instead it was just a regulatory system. That is why Green Country Medical Waste LLC strives to be different because we were able to set up a system specific to them. Whenever we got finished with the waste stream assessment system we were able to estimate that the nursing home could save up to $54,000 in its first year of using our services compared to the client they had beforehand.

The also set us apart is the training programs we offer online in order to better fit for your services. If you like to learn more about us please visit our website at If you like to talk to a representative about how we may be all the help you please give us a call at (918) 279-6855.

OKC Medical Waste | Disposing In A Safe Way

Are you in search of a OKC Medical Waste that is completely determined to getting you the best service possible for your specific facility? The answer is yes then look no further because Green Country Medical Waste LLC is the medical waste service that you’ve been looking for. Our services are custom catered to whatever client we have in their specific needs. Is the reason why we have been around since 2009 because of the numerous clients we’ve been able to help and keep happy throughout the years. This is also shown through our Google reviews where we have five stars, and all the reviews exclaimed about how helpful our service have been to them as well as how they have been able to help them grow their business as well. It is our goal I Green Country Medical Waste LLC that we not only provide a service that is best for our client to be affordable, yet also give tools and resources I can help them grow as well. If you’d like to learn more information please visit our website

When it comes to OKC Medical Waste that offers more than just basic way services you should check out our training programs specified towards your facility. We offer comprehensive courses online I can help train employees and learning about new or old topics they may be familiar with. We even allow you to alter the courses of misinformation that we can better fit to your specific company. We even allow you to upload your own company policies in order to assign employees different reviews as well as gather data to complete your records. This is one of our clients favorite features as it also helps their employees learn about the correct ways of medical waste disposal and other important tools. Some of the subjects of a cover vary from hazcom, sharps safety, personal protective equipment, ergonomics, blood-borne pathogens, and much more.

If your company is willing to use our sharps container program that we also give courses on how to use the sharps container more effectively and the correct way. We also are known for providing the sharps container as well as the disposal of the leftovers. You’d like to learn more please give us a call at (918) 279-6855.

Please contact us to learn more about how OKC Medical Waste can be custom catered to you. We offer 24 gallon boxes, 28 gallons totes, and even 96 gallons totes in order to get the right size that is specific your facility. We understand that depending on the facility in the amount of medical disposables used that the bag in the pickup times may vary. Not only do we custom catered to these pickup times as well as the removal of the bags are totes, we also have our prices vary by the box or toe removed. This means that every single time whenever we come and remove the bag or tote that is full of medical waste and as Mary being charged. This does not mean that you are charged monthly or annually. For more information please look at our website at or give us a call a (918) 279-6855 to speak with a representative.