Our Tulsa Medical Waste facility provides a great program to further assist you and your facilities needs. We are able to offer online training for all of your health care workers so that they are compliant with State, local, and federal laws and regulations. We are also able to offer OSHA training for any of those who are looking to be certified with OSHA or to renew their expiring certifications. Through our program, we are also able to offer a sharps Containers program where we provide all the sharp containers that you will need. In this way, for small to medium-sized facilities, you will not have to worry when you will run out of sharp containers.

We also use our program for inventory tracking for each and every medical waste bin being dropped off to a customer or being picked up from a customers‘ facility at our Tulsa Medical Waste facility. For every time that a medical waste bin is being dropped off or delivered to a customer, all we ask is for them to sign a digital copy of a manifest on a smartphone. All customers are able to access or retrieve their own documents. You’re able to view and print your manifest / documents At your own convenience. All you have to do is log into your account and search for your documents in your client portal. You can access your client portal on our website as well. You make it easy for all customers to be able to browse through our program without any instructions

At all of our facilities including our Tulsa Medical Waste facility, We get so many great reviews on our services and on how helpful our programs are. Our customers love us! We take pride in our fast paced response to each and every customer, the way that we prioritize our customers, and our professional customer service when we do serve. We make sure that with every customer and with every delivery, we respond quickly, fashionably, and with kindness. We believe greatly in customer service because without customer satisfaction, we would be just like one of the other averaged based medical waste facilities out there. Our great customer service is what makes us stand out from the rest.

We understand the importance of medical waste Kebab because it can contain DNA or diseases.That is why we have created a program to properly and efficiently take care of every medical facility’s medical waste. Our program is also meant to train those who aren’t acknowledged for the safety of patients and healthcare workers. We make sure that not only we are compliant, but we also help our customers and their healthcare workers stay compliant to all the laws and regulations that apply.

We hope that you can give us an opportunity to show you how quick and easy our services can be. We hope that you will allow us to make a difference in your medical facility as we have too many facilities all across Oklahoma. Please do contact us at (918) 279-6855 Percocet I website at https://greencountrymedicalwaste.com/ .

Tulsa Medical Waste | We Offer Great Incentives

Our headquarters, Green Country medical waste, is based in Coweta, Oklahoma. Fortunately after our business opened up in 2009, we were able to grow and multiply in numbers all across the state of Oklahoma. We now Have multiple locations available to all people in those local areas. One of our bigger locations is located in Tulsa as Tulsa Medical Waste. The greatest benefit of having multiple businesses in different local areas is that we are able to provide such great services to all the medical facilities across Oklahoma. Our services do not only apply to bigger facilities like hospital settings, but we also serve our small to medium-sized generators. We also offer services to tattoo shops, Vet clinics, and dental offices.

One thing that our customers love about us is that we only charge by the Box /tote. Unlike other companies, they charge the services and the fee on top of the service. As for us, we do not have any service fees, gas charges for shipping/ dropping off, or any record fees. Tulsa Medical Waste Can offer fast and easy drop-off and pick-up service for all types of facilities. We make sure that we Supply you with a medical waste bin and a liner. Once you install your lighter into your medical waste bin, you are ready to generate medical waste. Once a month or depending on the type of service plan we have with you, we will stop by to pick up the old medical waste bin and Supply you with a new one along with a new liner.

Our Tulsa Medical Waste Program offers Many different types of incentives that can be specifically made towards your facility. We’re able to offer online training for each individual of your healthcare workers on how to stay compliant with your local state and federal laws and regulations. We are also able to offer sharp containers for all small-to-medium generators. In this way, our small-to-medium generators will not have to worry about running out of sharp containers. We can also offer OSHA training, free paper shredding for the first 6 months of service or even 10% rebate of services paid the first year. We are able to customly build an incentive that will meet your needs. Once you choose to implement all the resources the program can offer, We believe that it can be a great tool to keep your facility as organized and compliant to local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

We are truly passionate about helping our customers. We were all born and raised in Oklahoma and that is why we believe in helping our local company and community to cut costs and to help get rid of medical waste. In this way, it will save a few jobs out there and the entire state benefits from everything.

If you are interested in our services or our program, please call us at (918) 279-6855. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do contact us on our website at https://greencountrymedicalwaste.com/ . We are able to offer more information on our services there.